Sorry I've been gone

Hi there guys. Well what a crazy month or so. Gig/Work/Gig/Wedding/Radio show/Train renovation and More work.....I have been soooo busy that its just blown me clean out of the water. Still I've lost half a stone as a result of rushing around and such so theres good and bad points right?

I've barely had time to pick up a crochet hook but I've suddenly felt this urgent need to create something so I signed up for a swap on craftser thats a monster swap. How exciting is that. I already have soo many ideas tumbling around in my head on what to make. I like really randomly obscure monsters like bugbears and cockatrices so hopefully my partner will want random monsters so I can make some stuff like that.

My last craft swap seemed to go really well. It was my first and it was an easter one,  this is what I sent in the end

It had to be spring themed and fit in a pringle tube. SO I decorated the tube as an easter chick made a little springtime bag, my favourite bits were the carrot phone charm and the be happy cloud/rainbow magnet.  they were made out of shrinkydink plastic and I really had fun making those.  cramming it all into the tube was tricky though.
Anyway i'll be updating more regularly I promise


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