I was AWOL

Sorry I havent been around since Thursday, I was up in aberdeen seeing my relatives.  I have quite a big family and they all live up in scotland.  it was my mums 50th birthday you see.  I got her a book on Macrame because she wanted to learn that.  And I got her a trip down to my place near london so she can go to a west end show.  She's never been so, she was really excited about that.

Today my crochet magazines turned up and already i've done the two crochet techinque squares that go towards building up the patchwork throw.  im excited about that. its going to look awesome once its finished.  But I wonder how much work I am going to get done in terms of arts/crafts as tomorrow final fantasy 13 is released and I plan to be playing it with every waking moment of my life until its completed.

I'm a gamer girl you see, an RPG (role playing game) nut!  I love the final fantasy series and my HD tv and my playstation 3 are going to get a serious playing over the next couple of weeks.  I really really cant wait.  Its the most anticipated game of mine since Little Big planet was released.
The thing is I am also a bit of a cosplayer, thats where you dress up as computer game/anime characters and go to conventions.  I am hoping to see some really inspirational outfits to have a go at making!


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