Whats your shiny thing?

Everyone has something shiny. Something they have natural talent at. I think mine might be crochet but sometimes I wonder, and panic that perhaps my shiny thing is actually something i've never done before, like rock climbing or wind surfing or speaking swahili. I dont know until I try these things, but when will I ever get the chance to hangglide?

Everyone I think has something they're shiny at. Everyone. the trick is to find that something. Thats the hard part.

I was also thinking about dust today. Yesterday at lunchtime I was watching dust float in the sun. its so sparkly and pretty and two thoughts came to my mind. If dust is largly dead skin cells from us, then why don't we sparkle in the sun? Also why do we only see dust floating in sunbeams inside the house. Is there dust outside or is that just a house thing? Its important to ask these questions.

Also tomorrow me and paul go to aberdeen, to see my family I must admit im looking forward to seeing everyone. I dont have much to report in about but it'd just be nice seeing them, and although its chaos up there and really very cold I am still hyped up about it.

Oh yeah and my music is going to be on the radio. A guy contacted me yesterday from south africa LOL and asked if he could play some of my songs on his radio station. He said he'd record it and send me a copy of his show. He also said he would need to bleep out the swearwords how cool is that. im gonna be censored. Thats exciting!


BellaKarma said...

That is so cool about your song! And you're the second person today (that I know of) to use "shiny" in reference to crochet! =)

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