Its back!!

The post office re-opened WOOHOO!!! in my ton just before xmas the local post office shut down. It was really inconvenient as it meant I had to drive to a neighbouring town if I needed to send any mail. Techinically theres a law in the UK that large populations such as my town shohuld have a post office within one mile but with our post office closing it meant our nearest one was almost 3 miles away. Utter annoyance! Still now we have one again that means I can send stuff to people which makes me happy because I love sending out parcels to people.

Once theres a few more people watching this blog i'll start doing freebee give away type things because it looks like a nice thing to do.

This weekend i've been doing a tonne of spring cleaning. It is march now after all. I even organised all my wool. I never realised quite how much wool I had. Crazy crazy amounts, lots of half and quarter balls. I need to find som craft projects that use up scraps so I can deplete my stock a little.


Miss Damage said...

I know the feeling. I recently tried to gather all my wool together in one place and I was shocked by how much I'd hoarded! It's just sitting there staring at me now, making me feel guilty for not starting more projects.
Good luck with yours.

Samigurumi said...

Thanks I really think i'm going to need it although I did finish a ball of white last ight so only 20 bazillion more balls to work with

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