Pretty patterns and weight loss

Today I made this

Easter Amy

I found the free pattern on Sayjai's blog found here
Saw the doll and fell instantly in love and needed to make one right there and then. The pattern was really easy to follow and I really enjoyed making the doll. I named her Amy. the problem is she's too cute. Cute things always have hidden motives. Cute by day, evil plotting to take over the world by night. She has fimo cookies in her basket although you cant see them, they're poisonous so I wouldnt eat any of them if I were you.

Also in other news you won't know this cause I haven't told you but I'm a little on the podgy side and have been dieting to try and shed some stones. in november I was almost 14 stone. Thats not good for someone who is only five foot tall, so I've been trying to lose weight, well today I stood on the scales and im 12 stone 5 thats still not great but its quite an improvement on the 14 stone mark so i'm pretty pleased with myself. Just 3 stone to go and I will be a very happy bunny indeed. Im trying to lose it all before August as I am doing a comedy/music set at a punk/folk music festival and I did a set last year and I was 14 stone so to go back in a years time at 9 stone would really shock people I think. hehehe I can imagine that would feel amazing. So thats my goal. plus to be fitter would be nice.


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