Not been a good day

Our car got broken into or just generally vandalised, its hard to tell which because there wasnt anything worth having in the car, but the back window got smashed in. This is highly inconvenient because we only realised when we went to get in the car and saw glass everywhere, as a result had to cancel our plans tonight which is a bit of a downer.
My husband hasnt been in the best of moods today as it is without this being the icing on the cake. Smoo. Smoo is a word I use for sighing dissapointedly. I've used it for a few years now and all my friends use it now and my husband has just been using it constantly today.
Also today I woke up and my eye felt scratched I could barely open it without it feeling like I had half a sandpit in there. I ended up coming home early from work because the stonker of a headache i had Im guessing from eyestrain. When I got home I went to sleep and when I woke up I used some eyedrops. I noticed as I finished putting the drops in, that I had an eyelash GROWING on the inside of my eyelid. GROWING? why was it growing there? What a stupid place for an eyelash to be, so after an agonising pluck, it was gone and my eye although agitated for having been rubbed constantly all day instantly felt better, which is great cause I phoned the doctor today and the earliest they could see me was tuesday I mean great! Im glad I wasnt dying or anything!

Anyway enough of my whinging, its not been a good day. Hey lets talk crafts. Heres my first attempt at a crochet pattern, im actually working on writing 2 patterns at the moment, one for a snail and one for a mermaid, but heres a random bear pattern for now. As its my first pattern there might be wrong bits, if there are then please tell me so I can fix them. Thanks
amigurumi bear


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