heres some stuff I made earlier

Well this years crafting projects so far whittle down to, a star afghan for my friends new baby, A strawberry hat, a doll which follows Beths Spirit doll pattern found on her blog by hook by hand
And Rigby the wonder dog.
Rigby the wonder dog
Rigby actually started out as a pattern fround on craftster, one of my most favourite sites online, the pattern was for a bunny pincushion Bunny pincushion pattern I saw it immediately dropped all my other craft projects and started making it, only once I had the main body piece I kinda deviated and made a dog instead, then he looked like he needed underpants and well...thats how Rigby turned out. I love making stories for my characters that I make and Rigby is no different...
Rigby is a bit of a loser really, he worked at a small office firm being an errand dog, fetching paperwork, making tea, he spent most of his working day at the photocopier machine where he daydreamed about being someplace better, and being someone special. He wanted to be in crufts as part of the working dogs events, doing the obstacle course, he wrote to crufts but they rejected him, as hes a bit on the podgy side. The same day he got the rejection letter he was also made redundant. This double whammy sent him over the edge
Now he wants to be a superhero and believes his cape gives him super powers but of course it does nothing of the sort. Completely out of his tree he goes round all day trying to do good deeds but on the whole messing things up.
I also made a crazily long rainbow scarf, doctor who type length and its ridiculously bright, thats for a friends christmas present but I havent seen him since November. the thing is I suddenly realised that rainbows are adopted by gay people as their badge of honour and well my friend isnt gay so I wonder if he'll use it or not. LOL by the time I see him it'll probably be summer anyway.

Anyway off to work I go, wonder what new craft project i'll come up with next?



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