Almost christmas

I've been having lots of dreams lately where i'm stuck someplace for example a multi story car park and I want to get out, but all the exits and stairwells have been replaced by escalators and they only go up. I dont want to go up I want to go down but thats not an option I have. I wake up feeling stressed and tired and frustrated and with a sense of forboding. Its probably nothing, but I worry. What if its about my gigs and stuff, things seem to be getting busy, I seem to be in demand at the moment and whilst I know that's not going to last, after all theres only so many times you can hear my stuff without getting bored, but I would hate suddenly for everything to take off and I wont beable to return to my normal life. I know a lot of people dream of fame and fortune and whilst the fortune part would be nice i'm quite happy to leave the fame part to other people. I dont want to have to worry about what I wear or what people think of me. Maybe i'm just reading too much into my dream.

My guitar has some new stickers on it. I have about 3 songs in my head that wont come out right on paper and I thought new stickers might help. The odd thing is the pack of stickers it has the words "STICKERS" in bright colours on the front of the packet then underneath it says "Acid free" I should hope so. Are they suggesting they have sticker sets that ARE full of acid? do they mean hydrochloric or the drug related acid? have people bought these stickers before, licked them, and then complained when they didnt get high? The odder thing is on the back of the pack it says "collect them all and try them one by one" so it leads me to think they're talking about drugs, and that there IS a set that isnt acid free.

In other news its almost christmas. Wait no its not you say...I say well actually we're already 2 months into the year, this year is going by so quick that before you know it it'll be christmas so i'm getting in early just so I can say I told you so.


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