Try your best

Do you want to see something funny. My first ever crochet project. I made this in Feb 2008. I'm a huge anime fan and I really love Cardcaptor Sakura so I thought what better way to start my crochetting skills than to make Keroberos
My first amigurumi
It took me ages to make and I was so incredibly proud. He always makes me chuckle when I look at him now. I imagine him saying "" A few months later i June 2008 I tried again...and well this is the result. I took him with me to a cosplay convention where I was dressed up as Sakura from the anime. I even made little Kero button badges to give to people.
kero verses kero
I love the fact that I can see soo much progress in that 2nd picture. It really does make me chuckle, and I kept both of them. I couldnt possibly part from my very first crochet project, I love him unconditionally like a first child. Even if he is a little on the rubbish side.

In other news i'm playing a few songs up at The George and Dragon pub in my town tonight. I have 2 new songs in my head that arnt quite finished so theres going to be a battle against time and me to see if I can perfect at least one of the songs before tonights performance. I like trying new stuff out on people. I mean I like all the songs I do, but sometimes I panic that people are getting bored of hearing the same stuff. My songs are funny but they can only be funny so many times before they get dull. Normally I only write one or two songs a year, but this year already I have written 3 (and one of those is the new crowd favourite) So with an extra 2 imbedded in my head i'm set to have written 5 songs before March which is amazing. That means I already have 5 songs ready for my next album. I will make money out of either my art or my music one of these days LOL. I dont want to be stuck in my day job forever


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