I was AWOL

Sorry I havent been around since Thursday, I was up in aberdeen seeing my relatives.  I have quite a big family and they all live up in scotland.  it was my mums 50th birthday you see.  I got her a book on Macrame because she wanted to learn that.  And I got her a trip down to my place near london so she can go to a west end show.  She's never been so, she was really excited about that.

Today my crochet magazines turned up and already i've done the two crochet techinque squares that go towards building up the patchwork throw.  im excited about that. its going to look awesome once its finished.  But I wonder how much work I am going to get done in terms of arts/crafts as tomorrow final fantasy 13 is released and I plan to be playing it with every waking moment of my life until its completed.

I'm a gamer girl you see, an RPG (role playing game) nut!  I love the final fantasy series and my HD tv and my playstation 3 are going to get a serious playing over the next couple of weeks.  I really really cant wait.  Its the most anticipated game of mine since Little Big planet was released.
The thing is I am also a bit of a cosplayer, thats where you dress up as computer game/anime characters and go to conventions.  I am hoping to see some really inspirational outfits to have a go at making!

Whats your shiny thing?

Everyone has something shiny. Something they have natural talent at. I think mine might be crochet but sometimes I wonder, and panic that perhaps my shiny thing is actually something i've never done before, like rock climbing or wind surfing or speaking swahili. I dont know until I try these things, but when will I ever get the chance to hangglide?

Everyone I think has something they're shiny at. Everyone. the trick is to find that something. Thats the hard part.

I was also thinking about dust today. Yesterday at lunchtime I was watching dust float in the sun. its so sparkly and pretty and two thoughts came to my mind. If dust is largly dead skin cells from us, then why don't we sparkle in the sun? Also why do we only see dust floating in sunbeams inside the house. Is there dust outside or is that just a house thing? Its important to ask these questions.

Also tomorrow me and paul go to aberdeen, to see my family I must admit im looking forward to seeing everyone. I dont have much to report in about but it'd just be nice seeing them, and although its chaos up there and really very cold I am still hyped up about it.

Oh yeah and my music is going to be on the radio. A guy contacted me yesterday from south africa LOL and asked if he could play some of my songs on his radio station. He said he'd record it and send me a copy of his show. He also said he would need to bleep out the swearwords how cool is that. im gonna be censored. Thats exciting!

I am crochetting a train

I am in the process of crochetting this.  Yes I know, a little odd but you see my husband is trying (with some other people) to set up a train museum and this is one of the trains they saved.  I wanted to make him a cuddly version and so far ive got the sides done i'm currently aking the windows.  its going to be ace once I finish it. 
I have seriously been toying with the idea of crochetting the real thing, like making a giant blanket (I would make 1ft sq granny squares and use them like pixels to make a message and then cover the train.  I worked out it would take over 1600 squares to do as the train is 64 foot long its something ive been really needing to do.
Do you think I should do it?

Its back!!

The post office re-opened WOOHOO!!! in my ton just before xmas the local post office shut down. It was really inconvenient as it meant I had to drive to a neighbouring town if I needed to send any mail. Techinically theres a law in the UK that large populations such as my town shohuld have a post office within one mile but with our post office closing it meant our nearest one was almost 3 miles away. Utter annoyance! Still now we have one again that means I can send stuff to people which makes me happy because I love sending out parcels to people.

Once theres a few more people watching this blog i'll start doing freebee give away type things because it looks like a nice thing to do.

This weekend i've been doing a tonne of spring cleaning. It is march now after all. I even organised all my wool. I never realised quite how much wool I had. Crazy crazy amounts, lots of half and quarter balls. I need to find som craft projects that use up scraps so I can deplete my stock a little.