Having subscription troubles

Has anyone heard of a new magazine thats out in the Uk called 'The Art of Crochet' I've seen it in shops, its one of those weekly collect the issues and put it in a binder thing, and every week they give you a ball of wool and teach you a new crochet technique so that you can make a square that will eventually all combine to make a throw. It looks ace. The thing is I have a problem.

I signed up for a subscription at the beginning of January and a week later I got my first issue, all was good I made my square, things were happy. Then I waited patiently for my next 2 issues to come as they were coming together...and i'm still waiting. The magazine is up to issue 8 now i've seen it in the shops The Art of Crochet but I havent even had issue 2 and it makes me sad. I mean I want to get stuck in, I want to do so many of the patterns I see in the mag and learn new techniques and I have to be patient. I dont want to be patient. I wrote to the people at the website and they told me issue 3 was needing a re-print which was why I hadnt got it yet, and that my sub would start in the middle of feb, but feb ends on sunday now and I still dont have any copies. *sighs*
Has anyone else signed up to the mag and has anyone else had any problems?


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