Keeping busy

So heres the strawberry hat I finished recently for my best friends newborn baby thats supposed to be popping out tommorrow. I'm really excited for her and i'm really pleased with how the strawberry hat turned out. The pattern can be found at Theartofcrochet its in the members section but I think its free to sign up. It was a really simple pattern and i've already been asked by another 2 people to make them one, so I will probably knock them out later tonight.
I am soo on a crafting bender at the moment, the thing is, being a gemini I tend to go through phases of obsessions. At the moment its crochet but who knows what next week it'll be. it might be me trying to learn japanese again, or robotics, or maybe something new might catch my eye. With a crochet hook in one hand and my guitar in another its tricky finding time to get new hobbies.
Music wise I have a lot of upcoming gigs. I've been asked to play a venue in Shoreditch and I have the usual ones in my home town and now theres also one in hemel hempsted and another couple in couple in camden. Its all getting a little busy but I guess I wont always be in demand so I should do as many as I can now whilst people still like my music. I sing comedy songs if anyone was interested.
JammieSammys Music page Yeah thats all taken off really rather suddenly. I finished recording my debut album in december and its just not something I ever thought i'd do. I mean of course I dreamed about doing it, but thats exactly my problem. I'm a dreamer, I never actually follow through on any of my ideas so this one has taken me by surprise.

Anyway I better stop blogging and actually go do those strawberry hats I promised.


Mad Gypsy said...

JammieSammy! Thank you for following my blog and I see I have the honor of being this blog's first follower. :) I love this strawberry hat. Very very cute. I have seen similar ones done in orange like pumpkins for fall.

I love your music. Your kitkat song has a habit of living in my head for weeks. I can't wait to hear more. :) From one wacky chick to another, keep up the good work!!

Samigurumi said...

Hey! Welcome welcome welcome, make yourself at home, pull up a chair. thankyou for being my first follower, That's pretty exciting! Hope you like it here.

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